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Polar Hearts~

A Jounouchi X Mai Community

A Jounouchi X Mai Community
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Welcome to Polar Hearts~ A Jounouchi X Mai Community!

This community is for fans of polarshipping. You can post your art, fics, banners, icons, basically anything you want. It's a place to just goof around and talk to your fellow Jou/Mai fans. SO LET'S GET TO THE GOOD STUFF.



Yes. We have some rules. They are as such~

1~ This is a JOU/MAI community. That means you can post anything related to polarshipping, Jounouchi, Mai, or just Yu-Gi-Oh in general. But for crying out loud, don't post something about how someone at school made fun of your Spiderman T-Shirt or whatever. That's what PERSONAL LJs are for. USE THEM AS SUCH.

2~ Please. No character/pairing bashing/flaming. This is a community for FUN, not flame wars :/ I can't stress that enough. So PLEASE, if you don't like...oh I don't know PUPPYSHIPPING (Seto/Jou), don't say something stupid like "OMG HATE TEH PUPPEHSHIPPING THOSE FANGURLS ARE TEH STOOPID AND SHOULD DIE BLAH BLAH BLAH." It accomplishes NOTHING. It just gets people pissed off when they come read this and see their favorite pairing getting bashed. So please....just don't. Let's spread the love.

3~ When you post a fic, art, rps, whatever....please give a rating for it. You know, G, PG, R, etc. And anything over PG or so should be placed under an LJ-cut. You may think your Jou/Mai smut fic is just the best thing in the world, but some people don't want to see that kind of stuff. Some people are still innocent and pure. Let's keep them that way D:

4~ If you do post something pretty long, do everyone a favor and LJ-CUT. We will all thank you for not dominating our friends list with your unreasonably long fanfic. Seriously. I'll hug you.

5~ This is, in my opinion, the most important rule.


Just...PLEASE. Grammar and spelling are your FRIENDS. The SHIFT key is there for a reason. I can't tell you how IMPORTANT literacy is D: Don't disgrace your elementary teachers by typing like a 12-year-old chatting on AIM. I don't mind like...little misspelled words, but I SWEAR anyone TYPIN LEIK OMG THIZ RITE HEER!!!111!!!1!!!

.....They're gonna get it from my fellow mods and me. Oh yes. Beware our power >3 Gabby will take it upon herself to beat you with The Frying Pan of DOOM. All must fear it.

6~ Be open minded. Not everyone is going to agree with you on every little thing. Someone says something you don't agree with, ignore it or politely disagree. You don't have to rant and flame to get your point across. That just creates a hostile environment, and no one wants that. If you REALLY have a problem with someone, let one of the mods know. We'll take care of it. That's what we're here for.

7~ Whatever you've got, you're MORE than welcome to share. Even if you think it's stupid and completely crack-induced, I assure you, someone else here is going to love it. And that person will probably be me.

8~ HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR. We're here to have FUN, not get into arguments. Besides, I know my fellow mods and I are snarky, sarcastic little punks. WE FIND HUMOR IN ANYTHING. Just keep that in mind XD



For reference, here's a list of the mods for this community.

reikaku_pyro~ ME. The MAIN MOD, YO :/ But you can call me Denise XD

bioplague~ Lauren, our resident image editing MASTA. Her icons are sex. Check em out if you can. *LUFF*

abbiemills~ Gabby. She's snarky. She's perverted. And I love her dearly. T~T

Contact info is on the info page for each mod. Tell us your concerns or problems with the community, or just tell us how much we rock. Because DAMN. We're bitchin 8D


Anyway, just remember to HAVE FUN. MINGLE. BE STUPID. WHATEVER. This is just a little corner of the net to relish the beauty that is polarshipping.



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